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Product-Market Fit

Leverage and adapt your product to create the highest value and achieve better results

Product-Market Fit is the state when you have found your niche, and everything is in the right place. Pricing, value proposition, product, sales, and marketing. Customers are happy and satisfied. But people’s needs and wants change over time, and it’s only natural that markets adjust and shift accordingly. It’s the companies that can operate through disruption and continue to innovate that will prosper in today’s business world. 

Our approach, combined with extensive research and insights based on real-world cases, will enable you to reach an optimized product-market fit when your business is ready, and your clients are demanding.


In this workshop, you’ll learn our Product-Market Fit matrix, a visual, methodic framework to help you structure all the product and customer-related information you need to align the three key teams of your innovation: Your strategy, product, and customer-facing teams. By providing a framework for all of them, the high-level alignment needed for spending every cent most effectively becomes a breeze.

Behavior Based Segmentation

Using our behavior-based segmentation model, we teach the basics of structuring your benefits, use cases, and customer insights to deliver experiences through your innovations as early as the ideation phase.

Utilizing your unique market and organizational constraints in the planning and experimentation process, we’ll help you identify the games you need to win to accelerate your product-market fit process and successfully disrupt your market.


We can do the heavy lifting of creating a first viable product by gathering insights, running workshops, and helping you align your teams. We’ll test value propositions, problem spaces, and price points, and create the first set of collateral and scripts for both sales and marketing.

Through our collaborative consulting approach, we’ll walk you through the process, and with active participation, you’ll master the skills and gather the knowledge necessary to continue disrupting your industry using behavioral insights for the ultimate, customer experience-driven innovations.