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Our key insights and practices helping you to success


Behavioral Segmentation

The AbilityMatrix Innovation Model is based on a breakthrough understanding of markets.

Buying decisions are ultimately made based on emotional, irrational factors.
We use a two-phase decision-making model, in which customers select solutions that solve the problem they have. Solutions where the objective characteristics focus on the tangible aspects of the problem.

However, the final decision is most often based on customer experience, irrationality, and emotional factors. It’s not that buying decisions happen without any objective reason, but ultimately, it’s emotions that determine the decision.

Behavioral Science 

When we work with innovations, our focus is on understanding the behavioral context of the problem, and the current solutions that the innovation intends to replace.

Even when there is no directly competitive product or service, there are always substitute solutions contending for the same budget.

We apply behavioral insights and heuristics to go-to-market strategies. Most innovations inherently require a change in customer behavior, and success comes to the products that embrace this and find the lowest behavioral entry threshold for adoption.

Bowling Alley Approach

We divide your potential market into small-scale market niches. This approach was first published by Geoffrey Moore in his enduring book, Crossing the Chasm. We have developed this approach further by adding behavioral segmentation beyond the niche definition and identifying behavior-based matches.

Lean Startup Methods

Startups challenge the status quo when bringing innovations to the market. Coming up with clever ways to test these markets before building the product greatly reduces the associated risk. Examples include crowdfunding, fake door testing, and early beta tester signup pages.

Through the application of lean startup methodologies, combined with a behavioral and customer experienced-based approach, we’re able to provide the most advanced, least risky go-to-market strategies to the enterprise sector and standard innovations.

Customer Experience

Customer experience is top priority of any modern business. Many successful companies have differentiated themselves from their competition and gained a significant advantage by providing an exceptional customer experience.

Our behavior-based segmentation technique, designed by our Certified Customer Experience Professionals (CCXP), incorporates your customers intangible, emotional considerations into your go-to-market strategy.