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Digital Transformation

Prioritize your project portfolio towards adoption and customer experience to drive business results

Digital Transformation projects often focus on the big win or the change or die approach. Unfortunately, these transformation projects often fail to deliver lasting results or meaningful change.

Our approach gets back to the basics - allowing companies to focus on their true experience and expertise. By mixing your innate strengths with the right amount of customer experience, agility, and lean startup methods, we integrate the small - but highly impactful - steps approach, together with scalability.

Employee Digital Momentum Index

Spending over a decade in the customer experience field, we found that employee buy-in is crucial in driving the transformation forward.

We re-imagined the well-known evaluation methods to better reflect each organization’s ability to change.

We call it the Employee Digital Momentum Index - EDMI™. Using the EDMI evaluation, we can classify projects not only on technical, but also on organizational success criteria.

Process Sprint Workshop

Instead of focusing on customer experience, we focus on process experience. This adds momentum to your digital transformation by

  • enabling faster implementation,
  • smaller scope,
  • parallel projects,
  • higher buy-in on the shop floor,
  • faster measurable results.

The outcome is a roadmap of small-scale, high-impact digital transformation projects with higher competitive advancements.

Digital Initiative Roadmap

We bring practical solutions to the otherwise dull world of digital transformation consulting. Through our access to innovation hubs, including startup programs, accelerators, and investors, we are able to find solutions that are uniquely suited to your needs.

Based on your corporate processes, we can identify the right type of partners for your digital transformation projects, whether that’s large system integrators, startups, or established specialists.