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Behavioral Science

Apply the latest in cognitive science to drive faster results and mitigate risks

Behavioral science and economics are reshaping the world. As humans, we are prone to biases and misjudgments. Research in cognitive psychology and economics has proven that decision-making can be effectively influenced. Irrationality and the patterns within are the new secret sauce for ecommerce and other B2C businesses.

To accurately determine what shapes your customer’s decision-making processes, we have been perfecting our behavior-based market segmentation model for over a decade. We have applied our proven model alongside existing approaches in key fields such as decision making, storytelling, story research, pattern recognition, and pattern matching to drive better results in B2B.

Custom Application

Leverage over 10-years of experience in B2B behavioral science and adapt it to your business and management problems. Our team of experts can provide you with specialized strategies and action items for your individual needs. Applications include change management, organizational change, internal engagement, and transforming management communications both internally and externally. We provide hands-on experience to support your growth and transformation goals.


We offer introductory training to behavioral science, behavioral economics, and their practical applications to daily management life and situations. You’ll learn the key concepts, biases, and decision-making fallacies, as well as how to spot, counter and leverage them to your advantage.