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March 5, 2024

Unraveling Consumer Behavior: Insights from Toronto's First Behavioral Science Meetup

On February 5th, Toronto saw the first Behavioral Science Meetup, adding another colour to the city's research and innovation community. AbilityMatrix took charge of organizing the Meetup, which was supported by the Hungarian Consulate - our host for the evening. The event drew more than 20 attendees, reflecting a growing interest in behavioural science. The group included seasoned product professionals and newcomers alike, united by a shared interest in exploring the intersections of human behaviour and innovation.

Our intention in launching the meetup group was to promote behavioural science - one of the cornerstones of the AbilityMatrix approach. Behavioural science offers explanations for not only daily life but also for diverse business situations. Our vision is to build a bridge between behavioural scientists and innovators across all industries in the Greater Toronto Area.

We shared our best practices about Market Sizing for Innovations. We’ve been using this approach for more than 13 years and gathered ample experience. During the presentation of the first Meetup, we discussed decision-making processes, exposing the irrationalities that often guide the choices of consumers. Understanding irrationalities can be effectively leveraged when creating and fine-tuning business strategies.

What’s a meetup without networking?

The evening’s other goal was to provide networking opportunities for meetup members. After the presentation, the event transformed into a series of lively discussions about the presentation, the experiences of attendees and other ad hoc yet fascinating topics. 

Join us for the next event!

Did you miss the first event? The next Meetup will take place on March 6th at 6 PM EST at 175 Bloor St E. The topic we will explore will be Stakeholder Management and Workplace Survival Behaviors. We’ll share PowerPM, a framework based on workplace behaviour that helps you manage your managers and navigate the boardroom. Stay tuned for updates, follow the Toronto Behavioral Science Meetup Group on LinkedIn or in the Meetup Group, and join us at the next event!