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January 4, 2024

Introducing AbilityMatrix: Htet Thawdar Win, Junior Business Development Intern

Originally from Myanmar, my journey towards social change and academic exploration began in Pécs, Hungary, in 2022, supported by a fully-funded Stipendium Hungaricum scholarship for Social Work Studies. Eager for new experiences, I took a bold step by transferring to Budapest's Eötvös Loránd University, restarting my academic journey as a Sociology freshman.

Outside academia and professional pursuits, I actively engage in volunteer work. From volunteering at the Euroweek program to participating in cultural festivals in Poland, I relish immersing myself in diverse communities and experiences. My interests are multifaceted—I find solace and energy through avid running, seek knowledge through reading and documentaries, and express my creativity by crafting content on YouTube.

Joining the esteemed Ability Matrix team in September 2023 was a turning point. My role at AM has been enriching, allowing me to apply my academic knowledge in sociology to our projects while learning from seasoned professionals. Witnessing how behavioral science and innovation converge to empower others has been incredibly enlightening.

I'm profoundly grateful for the exposure and learning opportunities provided by Ability Matrix. As I continue, my goal remains anchored in continual learning and making a meaningful contribution to the world around me.