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January 25, 2022
October 12, 2021

Helping Innovators Succeed - Akos Tolnai

I started AbilityMatrix with the intention to help innovators become more successful. I believe that our knowledge can speed up innovation cycles and go-to-market and it is our duty to help innovators avoid failure and keep them “sane” through the valley of death.

I have mostly been an early adopter of almost any new technology. I had smartphones when you had to charge it several times a day and had to hack the registry to make it work. 

After a short stint as a software developer (+head), I quickly switched to various IT sales positions. Working as a key account or leading teams as a regional manager, my focus was on developing the skills of my team and myself. Constantly reinventing ourselves and trying to keep the edge were my mantras.

The journey of building AbilityMatrix has been THE journey of my life. Amazing stories that could fill a book highlighted my path to validating the method and eventually finding what the market would buy from us as a service. Ups and downs, a lot of amazing people helping at the different stages of my journey, and now, as we are a team of 10+ people, helping us, the AbilityMatrix Team. I appreciate the work and support I get from the wonderful AbilityMatrix Team each and every day and Laci Kiszely joining AbilityMatrix was a step that in hindsight proved to be the pivot point.

I believe that success is temporary and sometimes out of your control. The things you learn and the people you meet are the most important takeaways that will help and serve you through the rest of your life. As an innovator, as a family man, or as a volunteer. My goal is to have a positive impact on as many people as humanly possible, especially in the innovation and customer experience community. Making innovators more successful will eventually help save the Earth and “outinnovate” our extinction.

I try to close the loop by paying forward and helping startups in the early stages just like people have helped me - and still keep helping me. The camaraderie and support that are present in the innovation community are the fuel that keeps me going.

My background

I have a degree in Computer Science and an MBA with a focus on sales and sales management. 

When I started AbilityMatrix I had the opportunity to learn from the best like Dan Ariely in behavioral economics or Scott Plous (social psychology) and Kevin Werbach (Wharton, gamification) using Coursera, before MOOC and Coursera became a thing. I use my background in engineering to create a structured and visual approach to soft information like psychology, mindsets, and customer behavior. I also had a short stint as a life and business coach and that helped me drive change through questions and learn even more on how to empathize with anyone. Eventually, I had to pick one as balancing the two was impossible. Coaching is still part of my arsenal, but the true focus is AbilityMatrix.

I am a certified customer experience professional (CCXP) and a frequent speaker at conferences and a proud co-founder of the CXPA Hungary Network, a very first in this part of Europe.

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