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August 15, 2023
November 6, 2020

AbilityMatrix Go-To-Market in action: Hungarian Combit gaining major government client in Belgium

Results speak louder than words.
Our team managed to help Combit, a software development company from the CEE region, nail a 1M EUR contract with the Belgian BIPT. BIPT is the government authority responsible for radio frequency monitoring, among others.

It is a rare occasion that you can see remote sales in real action and generating results. It's said to be impossible to close government sales remotely. Still, our team did it! Without ever being to Belgium or meeting participants personally. Believe it or not, even the passport of our business development colleague has expired.

Combit's solution is praised by the Hungarian Frequency Monitoring and Media Authority (NMHH) for its user-experience centric approach, changing engineers' workflow forever.

In every country, authorities like NMHH and BIPT monitor the radio spectrum for illegal transmissions or technical discrepancies. Their role is to ensure proper frequency management so that citizens can enjoy quality broadcasts and digital networks, like 4G, 5G, or digital TV channels.

For this purpose, such agencies and authorities have to work with a diverse set of measuring equipment from multiple vendors. To work efficiently and to see aggregated data from different equipment, you cannot jump from one vendor software to the other and aggregate data in Excel sheets. It just breaks the workflow and gives space to human error. With Combit's vendor-independent solution, you can work from one system only, centered around a map of the territory, using the map as a starting point and reporting screen.

Combit, founded in 1985, is a small software development company of 40+ enthusiastic developers. Combit, now part of the 150 people strong Grepton group, serves several Hungarian institutes: banks, insurance companies, and major state-related authorities influencing the daily life of millions. NMHH is one of these clients. Their request was to set up a vendor-independent monitoring software as the new central hub for their operations.

Combit tasked AbilityMatrix to bring this innovative software to the global market and find the best niche possible. The approach is unique in using behavioral and startup methods to quickly assess the best markets without burning tons of money in the process. Behavior-based product-market fit is the professional term for the service. It helps to reduce the risk and cost of the market entry.

AbilityMatrix's approach was remote-only even before COVID struck. Using video conferencing tools, we were able to set up meetings for Combit worldwide, without being present in this industry ever before.

We showcased the solution to 30% of the total addressable market worldwide in less than a year, proving there is interest in Combit's innovative approach outside its home turf.

It's an outdated concept that to enter a new market, you have to build a network, understand all the technical details, or hire someone with a network. You can sell remotely, cold, without proper technical background globally in the Digital Age. Combit is just the last of a long list of proofs where AbilityMatrix has helped with remote-only product-market fit and go to market.

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