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April 26, 2023

Introducing AbilityMatrix: Rafael Chavez Mora, Junior Business Development Intern

Borned in Mexico, I am an ambitious person, passionate about innovation and entrepreneurship, positive social impact and collaborating with others to succeed.

Since a very young age, I have been very active, taking part in competitions for students such as the national math and general knowledge competition, also participating in international football and Tae Kwon Do tournaments as part of professional youth teams. Additionally, being socially active was very important for me, therefore, I was a HeForShe ambassador at my high school, rescued sea turtles in Mexican beaches and did a Rotary Exchange year in Germany at age of 17. As a result of this last experience, I discovered my passion and the high importance of being part of an international environment in our current world and therefore decided to pursue my bachelor studies abroad. 

In 2020, I started my studies at the Budapest Business School in Commerce and Marketing where I am currently a senior student and mentor, and I have won 2 competitions as well. During the last few years, I have been growing personally and professionally in various fields and industries besides my studies.

Fortunately, in February 2023, I had the opportunity to join the great AbilityMatrix team where I am learning and assisting the team with different tasks.

During my free time, I enjoy traveling a lot, especially to business exhibitions such as the IAA, Expo Dubai, Start Up festivals, summits, etc. doing sports (specially box and gym), volunteering in massive music concerts, festivals and sport events, and spending quality time with friends and family.

Overall, one of my goals now is to keep learning and start to become a successful professional, I would like to thank AbilityMatrix for the opportunity to join them as a trainee as it has deepen my understanding on how a small innovative and international consultancy can successfully operate remotely and help others to succeed through behavioral science and innovation.