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January 25, 2022
September 7, 2021

Introducing AbilityMatrix: Nairah Dinah, Junior Business Development Intern


  • Junior Business Development Intern 

About Me

I was born in Mauritius, a beautiful island in the Indian Ocean. Currently, I’m pursuing my BA (Hons) in Accounting & Finance at Middlesex University, which is headquartered in London, UK. Since university, I have wanted to have international work exposure that would help broaden my work horizon while simultaneously developing diverse skill sets and gaining more expertise which I find to be challenging yet fascinating. 

Working at AbilityMatrix

When you start working at AbilityMatrix, you learn that you entered an international and versatile company. So far I have only been interning at AbilityMatrix, but already I can see that their values are firmly established within the business. At AbilityMatrix, the sense of strong community and collaborative spirit, alongside taking on new challenging opportunities seems very intriguing to me.

A ‘best place to work for’ means – to me – a right balance between your professional and personal life: The opportunities and flexibility AbilityMatrix is offering to its employees in terms of operating remotely especially amidst the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic are definitely one of the main reasons to keep on going. 

But it is not only the excellent working environment which excites me about my new job, I am also thankful for the several projects I already could take part in. From my first day, I was given the autonomy to exercise my creativity in tasks and my colleagues have been very supportive. I truly enjoyed working with colleagues across different departments to achieve the best results. Despite my short period of employment, I already gained a great understanding of business development processes and learned how dynamic and ever-evolving this field really is. In this industry, every day holds new tasks and challenges which I find very invigorating. 

AbilityMatrix is an international company, so there are many opportunities to work with counterparts across the globe. I have learned to work side by side with colleagues from different cultural backgrounds from Austria, Germany, and Sweden.

Working at AbilityMatrix is always full of new challenging and exciting experiences. To anyone joining AbilityMatrix, I would say be open-minded and inspired by a constantly changing environment; be curious and show your enthusiasm in your tasks and whatever it is that piques your curiosity towards learning something new, always embrace it wholeheartedly. Additionally, being customer orientated in everything you do, on whatever level you are working, is key to being successful at AbilityMatrix. 

My Passion

In my spare time, I’m passionate about engaging in positive volunteer opportunities and charitable works which provides me with a natural sense of accomplishment, being a philanthropist by nature. Besides that, I have a keen interest in traveling as much as I can and exploring exquisite places along the way. Additionally, I equally enjoy swimming and reading extensively whenever I can as a means to stay productive in my free time.

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