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April 1, 2022
February 4, 2022

Introducing AbilityMatrix: Muiz Shaikh, Junior Business Developer

Among all the good things that 2022 has brought me so far, AbilityMatrix tends to be one of them.  Abraham Lincoln once said, “I Will Prepare, and someday my chance will come”. I believe the same resonates with me, as I started my college education back in 2019 as a student of Business Administration and Management. I learned quite a few things during my years of studies at the university about various characteristics of Business Management, Economics, Life, and Social Behaviours, but I believe more or less it was confined to the theoretical context only, and it would have been limited to the paper learning only. Had it not been for AbilityMatrix. Even though The Modus Operandi of AbilityMatrix is based upon working remotely (by Default), it has always made it certain that none of its members feels left out, AM has divulged the true essence of fieldwork to me and has exposed me to the multiple ideas on how businesses are running in reality, and what makes the businesses set an effective value proposition.

Being an international student made me able to quickly adapt to changes and gain a broader perspective, I enjoy learning and solving problems, as well as keeping my goals and tasks organized to maintain productivity. My personal goal in every endeavor is to increase the capacity of myself, and those around me, to create a community committed to excellence and integrity, online and offline, and I believe that the skills I have attained from the competitive and dynamic environment and university life define me.

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