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January 25, 2022
September 20, 2021

Introducing AbilityMatrix: Beata Farkas, Senior Consultant

  • Senior Consultant

I joined the AbilityMatrix team in 2020, on the first day of the official COVID lockdown in Hungary. Despite the scary situation around us, it was a really positive event of my life as I met two extraordinary persons, Ákos and Laci and after a pleasant conversation, we promptly agreed that I would start working with them.

Previously, I spent 20 years with ISI Emerging Markets, a Euromoney company providing online economic databases mainly for foreign investors, analysts. I was responsible for sales, product development, then marketing. I saw it growing from a small startup to a big company with 33 offices around the world. After 20 years I needed some change. I worked for Boyden, a top executive search company, then participated in a Citibank change management project.   

Joining AbilityMatrix proved to be the best decision for me. I experienced such an inspiring, encouraging co-working environment, trust, respect, and flexibility that I had not experienced anywhere else before. For me it's extremely important to work with smart and motivated people, to communicate, help each other to achieve our goals. Online and remote work was not new to me, I think it is a great advantage not wasting my time with unnecessary commuting. Still, the team spirit is here, we see each other online during our short daily calls and speak whenever we want. It's also great that I see this company continuously growing. I truly believe that the unique AbilityMatrix method used in B2B strategic consulting, plus our talented team will make AM well-known soon not just in Europe but also overseas.

"To Infinity and Beyond!"  

Besides my AbilityMatrix life, my passion is hiking and tour-guiding.

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