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January 25, 2022
September 28, 2021

Introducing AbilityMatrix: Anna Bíró, Consultant

My name is Anna, and I was born and raised in Szeged, Hungary. I’m 25 years old and graduated from University of Szeged in 2017. I always say when I’m reflecting on my uni years, that career-wise there were 2 amazing and life-changing parts of those years: AbilityMatrix, and the Mobile Communication and Social Media module/specialization. I found my interest towards UX and marketing during those courses on the module, and I still use what I learned back then. Furthermore, I dipped my toe into the basics of graphic design there as well.

During my years at AbilityMatrix, I continued to learn more and more about the fields that interest me, like the ones I mentioned above, and also project management, research methods, marketing processes, and so on. 

At AbilityMatrix

My story at AM goes back quite a few years: I joined AbilityMatrix during my second year of university, studying Communication and Media Sciences - to be more specific, I started on the 1st of April 2016. I knew I wanted to gather some experience next to my studies because I felt that would guarantee me more chances to find a new job after graduation - little did I know that I would stay here for almost 6 years.

After graduation, AbilityMatrix offered me a full-time job opportunity as a Marketing and Project Assistant. During this period, I mainly took part in tasks and projects related to design, marketing, UX, and interviews/researches. After a year, as the company grew, and we started to shift our focus towards bigger projects and taking part in tender delivery support, I started to take on more operational tasks as well within the company and new employees. 

I had some projects as a Project Manager before my promotion to a Consultant in 2020, but that was the point from which I was considered a senior member of the team. I was involved in multiple projects in multiple responsibility levels and areas: as a Project Manager, researcher, interviewer, marketing and/or UX specialist. I feel like this was a positive and negative thing at the same time when it comes to my career: I did everything, but couldn’t figure out one thing to focus on, and my multi-field “talent” was needed at the company as well.


Vienna and I were always meant to be, or at least after high school I knew I would spend at least a few years there, as a part of my partner’s family is living there. We moved there in 2019, but due to the pandemic in 2020, it was really hectic whether we were in Austria or Hungary. AbilityMatrix was always supportive of my moving to Vienna, and thanks to our remote working structure, I could work from everywhere - and as we were planning to open more internationally, it fitted AM’s plan to some extent as well: in 2021 AbilityMatrix GmbH was founded in Vienna.

Due to my earlier mentioned position of doing multiple things and not knowing what I would do at another company, thirst to learn and experience more, and maybe a bit (or not just a bit) quarter-life crisis made me decide that after almost 6 years it was time to really settle down in Vienna and find a new workplace here. I have a lot to thank to AbilityMatrix, and maybe it says a lot about our company that I was hired relatively quickly during a pandemic at a hopefully fitting position to build my career furthermore - this wouldn’t be possible without AM, that’s for sure.

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