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January 25, 2022
September 29, 2021

Introducing AbilityMatrix: Ane López de Luzuriaga, Junior Business Development Intern

  • Junior Business Development Intern

About me

I was born and raised in the north of Spain, but I moved to Sweden one year ago as the bad weather in my Spanish region was not enough. I pursued my bachelor's degree in Business Management and Modern languages and decided to focus my master's studies on Strategy and Management. Nowadays, my priorities are expanding my knowledge and career within Business Development at AM, making the best out of my master's degree, learning Swedish, and eating many kanellbullar (you should try them). 

Working at AbilityMatrix

Working remotely can be scary at times, as you may not feel the support of your colleagues as close as when you work in an office. However, since I started working at AM, I feel connected to my colleagues almost all the time, and everyone makes an extra effort to be present. This way, I find the work environment to be especially supportive, flexible, and engaging. I love how everyone is ready to help, listen, or tell a joke from time to time. 

In addition, working at AM is a journey of self-discovery and learning your own work patterns. More experienced colleagues are always willing to give feedback and help Junior’s career development. I find it especially enriching to be surrounded by people ready to help and give good advice. Furthermore, it is quite interesting for me to see how senior business developers work and act, as it is a career path  I am highly interested in.

All in all, I hope I will be able to learn and develop as a great professional at AM and give back all the goods received from the company. 

6 things that make me happy 

  • Going to a library & language learning books
  • Meeting new people and connecting with them
  • Dancing alone or with friends giving everything we got
  • Long walks in nature
  • Enjoying a great meal with a great friend
  • Hugs and support from my family

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