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April 1, 2022
February 7, 2022

Introducing AbilityMatrix: Adrien Szentandrassy, Junior Business Development Intern

“I joined AbilityMatrix in 2021 December as a junior business development intern. I’m helping the designers and projects to go forward in the creative field. I’ve never worked remotely before, but I think this is the future for almost every company. We have quite a sad situation in our world, and to maintain the economy, we have to change some things in our life. I’ve never thought remote work could be this easy, also I had a little concern with the communication with each other, but everything that is set up at AM ensures the possibility to “meet” everyone regularly.
I’m 25 years old, from Budapest and now graduating from the Metropolitan University of Budapest in media design. Before I started my journey in the creative industry, I was working in tourism. Therefore, I gained a lot of experience in several fields, from administration through consulting to social media management.
I always had a huge interest in arts. My main goal is to work as a full-time designer and do other creative jobs I like. I think it’s really important in life that we do the work we love.
In my free time I love to make art, installations, light-arts, and visuals for concerts.”

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