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January 25, 2022
September 30, 2021

Introducing AbilityMatrix: Adorján Tóth, Senior Business Developer

Adorján joined AbilityMatrix in 2019 as a senior business developer. Preliminary he gained experience in sales, as the COO of an international small enterprise including business expansion, and in business consulting - to mention only the most relevant career milestones. His strengths are learning fast and adapting to new information, educating by heart, and also: connecting with people. Thanks to this, after finding the product-market fit, in only 1.5 years we built up a world-class pipeline and generated approximately 24% global presence for one of our clients in B2G software sales.

Just relocated to Austria with his family, enjoys being a father and the new challenge is the German language.

Feel free to contact him on LI: Toth/

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